Hang in there! With a pendant your bag really becomes YOUR bag because the little accessory gives it a final, individual touch. Small leather pendants improve the look of a key ring or key case too. Many bag labels decorate the bag models with pendants designed by themselves to create a harmonious ensemble. This could be a filigree metal plate or sometimes the pendant looks more like a little stuffed animal. Being a little colourful highlight for your look you can use a pendant as a fine gift idea. [more]

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      The perfect style is more than a question of accessories visible at the first side. In the event that the handbag needs to be redecorated or a lucky charm is required, our absolutely decorative and noble pendants will do the magic. Those little additional features are like jewelry for handbags and similar to chains and earrings there are pendants in a seemingly endless diversity of forms and motifs. Some labels like Liebeskind Berlin or Furla offer bags with pendants, the advantage is that those pendants match your bag perfectly. Pendants with Logo Plate are quite popular too and are typical for Tommy Hilfiger bags. Further it is an actual trend to decorate bags with tassels that can have different sizes. Some tassel pendants – they remind in fringes- are kept decent but others are long and covered with rivets. But if you like a certain bag model without a pendant you should not choose another one because of the lack of decoration – this can be added easily! The decoration for handbags varies from elegant to casual. Whether zodiac sign, favorite animal, stars, fantasy designs, sayings or simply tassels. Everyone will find his/her favorite pendant. Particularly high-quality bag pendants or key chains are partly handmade and are therefore an exclusive gift idea.

      Playful and luxurious, handmade bag pendants, such as by MCM

      Every woman is looking for her distinctive look. With ornate designed pendants made of leather, beads, wood or fabrics the handbag and the whole outfit will become exceptional. Keychains by Campomaggi are made of the same high quality leather as bags and purses. Sometime exclusive alligator leather is used for pendants. This unique decoration with the mix of fresh colours and fine silver coloured metal elements appears very cool and matches the relaxed city looks best. Depending on the style you can combine your pendant with different kinds of bags. And for all mothers: with a cute stuffed animal-pendant hanging on your diaper bag you will always have a toy at hand – if you want to hand out your little treasure at all. Either a woman can design her very own pendant or she can draw on professionally designed pieces. Many fashion labels such as MCM offer beside handbags accessories such as pendants and key chains. Their form and design fits to the handbags and they complete your unique fashion statement perfectly. There are pendants for fashionable men too. Many men’s outfitter think about elegant accessories for men too and expand their portfolio with useful little things. For example Hugo Boss offers present boxes including keychains and purses – a real precious gift for men! You can find the combination of purse and decorative element among Tommy Hilfiger products as well because they include stylish key pendants for women too. A pendant sets nice or extravagant highlights but if it does not fit you put it off without a problem. This way you can easily change your bag’s style individually.