Bring your neck, décolleté or arm joint to radiance with a noble pendant for necklaces and bracelets. The infinite variety of small treasures sets stylish highlights to match your look and can be changed as desired. And of course they are perfect as a gift for him & her and for young & old alike. [more]


      Pendants - Jewelry for necklaces and bracelets

      Create your very own look with our pendants for necklaces and bracelets. Whether it's tiny animal and plant motifs, abstract ornaments, precious stones, letters or symbols such as hearts and crosses - the diversity of the pendants knows no bounds and enhances your accessories. Depending on your own look, you can refine your jewelry Of course, the wow-factor is not neglected on the wrist either and adapts to the design and material of the ring and watch as required. From simple to spectacular, in silver, gold, rosé and bronze, with or without gemstones, for her or him - you don't have to compromise with a pendant and can emphasize your personality or simply pick up on the existing style. This is the advantage of a pendant, depending on the necklace or bracelet, occasion or taste, you can choose the small piece of jewelry and simply make statements without buying a whole new assortment of jewelry. In addition, several pendants can be combined with each other, so you don't have to do without a favourite piece of jewellery. Many manufacturers also make sure that pendants are matched to rings and chains to create a whole look and even more combinations. It's no wonder that the trailers are perfect for collecting and will certainly arouse your passion for more. The collectors and fashionistas are particularly fond of the charm collection, for example by Thomas Sabo. The trendy pieces are available in a huge variety and bring back holiday memories and special moments. There is no occasion required to say "Thank you" or "I love you" with the small pendants. Nevertheless, or just because of this, pendants are among the top gifts for adults and children. Let yourself be enchanted by the variety and give your necklace and wrist that certain something with pendants from wardow. com.

      Maintenance for the perfect shine

      We want you to keep your jewelry for a long time without losing its shine even after years. But regular wear, sweat, dust and cosmetic residues come to your little treasures and pollute them. For a long-lasting shine, we recommend using a special silver cloth for silver to regain the shine. The soft cloth removes discolouration without damaging the surface. The cloth can also be used for gold jewellery. A mild bath can also be helpful, for example, from soapy water or with some dishwashing liquid, and then rinse off with clear water. Gemstones and diamonds can also be easily cleaned with a small bath, but thanks to their hardness they do not require a special cloth. Pearls, on the other hand, are very vulnerable and should only be cleaned with clear water.

      To ensure that your jewelry will shine for years to come, without any scratches, and is always to be found, you can store it in one of our jewelry boxes or jewelry cases, for example from Windrose and Le Tanneur. The individual pieces are separated from each other and do not damage each other, also because of the soft padding. Nevertheless, you should still check them regularly and treat any discolouration, for example silver, and of course to marvel at the shine and beauty.