Outdoor Backpacks

Already for the wilderness? With our outdoor backpacks, you are ideally prepared for every destination. From the sleeping bag to the mobile phone everything has its place, protected from rain and is easily accessible. Perfect for your next trip! [more]

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      Outdoor Backpacks

      Here is room for everything: Outdoor Backpacks for your vacation

      Usually, backpacks are used for short distances and used as a practical bags for business, leisure or school. Outdoor Backpacks, however, are designed to carry your entire luggage. For this reason, trekking backpacks are very roomy and offer space for clothes and small items like cell phones, keys or cameras. And not only that! The difference between trekking backpack an touring backpack is the size. A trekking backpack is the largest kind of travel backpack because it is designed to store normal baggage, food and camping equipment as well. For that a trekking backpack is devides into several main compartments, a top bag, a separate bottom compartment and additional pockets. They offer access by several zippers and you do not have to open the whole backpack. With slings and belts you can attach a sleeping mat, sleeping bag or other equipment. For travel backpacks for hiking a stable back system is important, you can decide between net back and contact back. A net back system is made of a flexible net that supports your back gently. The contact back is padded and lies on the back. Almost all smaller backpacks have a contact back but if you look for a backpack for long trekking routes you should take care of an ergonomic shape. To keep the backpack from moving the Travel Backpack is equipped with additional belts that lay at the hips. Practical additional functions such as bottle holders or compression straps make the rucksack an interesting alternative to Trolley, Weekender and Co.

      Do not forget anything! A trekking Backpack accompanies you through the wilderness.

      Several Days of walking, lonely spaces, no supermarket and no hotel – that is the Outdoor Backpacks’s world. For travel backpacks for hiking, trekking or trips lightweight nylon is often the only viable option. With a backpack over 50 liters volume, the weight should be as low as possible. For full Trekking backpacks with about 70 liters volume extensive equipment, clothing or supplies can be taken - no problem for the resistant nylon. The plastic makes backpacks waterproofed or at least water resistant, which is essential in high-use backpacks. Additional exterior pockets or removable attachments are suitable for any flexible ways of economically packing. For trekking backpacks by Deuter there are videos to explain the right way of packing. Before you start for your vacation you should test your backpack. If your outdoor backpacks is still comfortable when it is fully loaded depends on the shape and the back’s length. If it is uncomfortable somehow you should try another model. Further there are special trekking backpacks for women matching the female anatomy. Starting at a volume of 60 l it depends on certain things which backpack size you really need. Do you need warm clothes? Do you need a broad sleeping bag or is a thin one enough? Can you share your baggage with friends or do you walk alone? Even If you are wandering alone in a cold area a backpack of 85 to 100 l should match your demands. Try to carry your backpack several times before you start your trip. Nothing is worse than realizing on the track that you cannot stand the weight.