Travel Bags Without Wheels

Usually you take a traveling bag if a suitcase is too large and a backpack is too small. This classic kind of luggage appears as compact weekend bag for short trips or as large duffle bag with shoulder strap. Their materials vary between leather, softly structured fake leather or tearproofed nylon. Fabrics like canvas, cotton and nylon are frequently used for traveling bags because they are very robust and low weighted at the same time. If the trip is over, you can simply fold your duffle bag until it is very small before you store it. [more]

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      A Holdall is the classic travel bag

      Travel bags without wheels are classic holdalls and the best choice for transporting clothes. Handles or belts are a comfortable way to carry the holdalls even if they are fully loaded. Usually holdalls are used for short trips instead of a suitcase or a trolley. Which kind of travel bag you should choose depends on whether you travel for vacation or for business issues: either a fine and classic leather bag fitting to your business look or a sporty model made of flexible patterned synthetics. The advantage of the latter is that you have more room for your clothes. Travel bags without wheels are very common among sporty people because they usually have to transport a lot of things when they go to gym. Thanks to its flexible material a holdall fits into a filled trunk and you can fold it together if you do not use it.

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