Diaper Bags

Modern diaper bags help young parents to fulfil their tasks even better than they already do. When you are going out you need everything you have at home as well. In a diaper bag made of leather or nylon you can store everything important because it does not only provide much room but various compartments too. Special departments for diapers or isolated bottle boxes are perfect for keeping order in your baby bag. Further a changing pad is part of the equipment too! A diaper bag by Storksak, Liebeskind or Spikes & Sparrow reminds in the design of handbags or gym bags and you can still use them when your child is older. [more]

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      Diaper Bags

      Practical diaperbags are a must have for the perfect baby equipment

      Many young parents realize very fast that a normal bag does not match the demands of little children. Diaper bags are special bags for baby gear in which all the utensils for baby care and baby equipment can be properly stored and transported. The most important characteristic of a diaper bag is its size. Especially if you need a diaper bag for twins or more children you should avoid a lack of space. Those large Baby bags are full of practical Utensils. One of the most comfortable standard features is a foldable changing pad. Separate interior and exterior compartments for diapers and baby clothes, waterproof wet bags for lotions, creams or wet clothes or bottle bags make it very easy to keep everything in order. Some models contain further features like a clip for strollers or an extractable insulated bag for bottles – especially this useful little thing guarantees a maximum of mobility. Diaper bags are not just a bit larger than handbags but the lining is made of easy-care washable materials. It is easier to keep the interior of your diaper bag hygienic if the lining is made of nylon. The labels are very careful when deciding for a harmless exterior material for their diaperbags because it has to be without pollutants to guarantee your child’s health. Also in the handling, diaper bags prove to be true all-rounders: with two very short straps, the bag can be attached to the baby stroller or buggy or by using the long strap the diaperbag can be carried over the shoulder. An increasing number of diaper bags is designed with handles to give them the look of normal handbags. The bags with robust handles can be carried in hand or over the shoulder.

      Trendy leather diaper bags for the Fashionista Mum at wardow.com

      How it is possible to be a mother and to remain stylish show labels like Bellybutton by Liebeskind Berlin or Storksak. The absolute hip and functional diaper bags by Liebeskind and Storksak combine style with maternal competence. The modern diaper bags result from a collaboration with trendlabels and they are not only stylish but also incredibly practical. If the child is then out of the woods, the nice bag for diapers doesn’t have to vanish in the wardrobe. Fashionable Baby Bags can easily be used as normal Handbags or totes because their original purpose is not obvious. Anyway every mother knows that a roomy handbag is absolutely necessary if you have a small child even if it is not a baby anymore. The materials of diaper bags are as diverse as their designs and every material has its advantages. You can find Diaper bags made of leather by Cowboysbag or Spikes & Sparrow. Because of their rustic look you can use this diaper bags for men and women as well. Nylon and other synthetic materials have their own advantages. Leather diaper bags are very robust and can be used as elegant handbags as well. Nylon or polyester are very light materials, that is very practical if you have to carry many things. Further the fresh colours of diaperbags by Oilily, George, Gina & Lucy or Storksak shine in a pretty young fashioned way and they will delight many young mothers. When your child is a bit older or if you need a little less space you can switch to a practical small diaper bag which offers the same features but a reduced size. Motherhood bears many challenges but struggling with a low quality bag should not be one of them. In the huge variety of diaper bags you will find the model that fits best to you and your family.