Crash Baggage

Crash Baggage

Nowadays perfection has a high priority and must often give way to personality and uniqueness. Crash Baggage shines deliberately with the reverse use of a unique used-look. Finally, a suitcases you dont have to worry about wear and tare! [more]

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Crash Baggage

Exceptional suitcases of Venetian origin

The Venetian Francesco Pavia originally completed an apprenticeship in a accounting department. At the same time, he recognized his talent as a designer at an early stage by designing T-shirts and gave them to his classmates and teachers. Francesco Pavia loved traveling and met with different characters and their stories. In the 80s, the style of traveling changed with the introduction of trolleys. Instead of carrying heavy baggage they could now be towed. The trolleys developed steadily in their design, form and material. The designer came up with new groundbreaking ideas. The fear is great of taking a new suitcase from the luggage deposit with scratches and dented edges. The Venetian designer Francesco Pavia had the perfect solution for this problem. Why not "wear and tare" the travel-bag beforehand? Francesco Pavia created unique used-look cases, which bear the appropriate and simple name of: "Crash Baggage". The travel-bag brand is true to the motto: "handle without care" and have created suitcases that you do not have to worry about.

Crash Baggage - "handle without care"

A suitcase that looks as if it had been thrown by a baggage handler with bad temper - that is the distinctive style of Crash Baggage. The brand's luggage is characteristic and tells the story of traveling with its design. The deliberately crafted curvature of the hard case allow the Crash Baggage to be recognized at long distance. Never again searching at the baggage line, with Crash Baggage you immediately stand out. The robust material, such as ABS and polycarbonate, provide the perfect protection for your travel luggage. With the variety of colors there is something for every taste. Particularly the transparent model of the Crash Baggage series, which provocatively presents the luggage contents. No matter whether big suitcases for long-haul flights or practical hand luggage for short trips, every fashion lover will be delighted by the unique brand Crash Baggage. Stop worrying about scratches or other damage, rather show off your new designer It-Piece and tell everybody about your new suitcase, your personality and what you have experienced in travel.

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