Barbara Rihl

Barbara Rihl

Never has wanderlust been as inspiring and beautiful as with colourful Barbara Rihl handbags, totes and clutches! The elaborated prints incorporate a playful touch to the feminine shape of the bags. The images of street scenes, post cards or postmarks cause the desire to visit foreign countries, but at the same time, Barbara Rihl bags make sure you feel at home where ever you are! [more]

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Barbara Rihl

Take a trip around the world with Barbara Rihl handbags, totes and clutches!

"Best Travel Companion" - this powerful slogan of Barbara Rihl´s broad and colourful world of bags reflects the Austrian designer´s motivation of work. Although the offered product range does not include travelling bags, Barbara Rihl bags are a true space sensation whose convenient shape has room for everything- except a gloomy mood! Even if the models for men are usually coloured modestly their 3-D print is an absolute eye-catcher. The womens´ bags instead, are very colourful. The brand´s unique characteristics are, in particular, the playful prints, which are hand-designed and drawn by Barbara Rihl herself. The focus always lies on travelling and the most famous fashion cities in the world. The heroes on Barbara Rihl bags are not the typical comic personalities such as Snoopy & co. but snapshots of mainly very feminine and stylish appearing girls or women shown on trips or street scenes from Paris, Tokio or Saint Tropez. Another characteristic are patchwork-patterns including particular, hand-drawn snapshots, postmarks or positive messages. Do you remember the trend of applying various stickers showing your most loved vacation destinations on your suitcase or car? You will recognize this unforgettable look in Barbara Rihl bags. The playful and individual design is combined with the best Italian leather. The bags are designed and produced in France.

Barbara Rihl bags - When wanderlust becomes Fashion

Barbara Rihl was born in Vienna, considers herself as a globetrotter as she travelled a lot since her childhood days. She studied at Vienna University of Applied Arts where she even was taught by Karl Lagerfeld and Jil Sander. She continued her studies at Parsons School of Design to gain more insights on the economic and management part of the fashion business. It was worth all the effort! Before creating her own brand, Barbara worked for LVMH, one of the leading companies in the field of luxury and fashion goods. In 2000, Barbara started her own label and managed to impress with the original designs of her bags, shoes, shirts and umbrellas. Nowadays, Barbara Rihl manages a store in Paris, which is also her current residence. Travelling is still in her blood- that´s why looking at Barbara Rihl bags causes a longing for traveling to foreign countries.

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