Attache Cases

Whether designed as a business classic or retro accessory, the Attaché Case starts into modern Business fashion. The popular hard shell with leather cover offers surrounds enough room for documents and small items, but also for modern laptops and tablets. If you have to match the business casual dress code in your office an elegant leather briefcase is always a good advice. [more]

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      Attache cases

      Classic business accessory that never goes out of fashion: the attache cases

      Attache cases are the classic business equipment par excellence, they are a very useful accessory and complete the ideal picture of Business people in suits or business costumes. The shape of an attache case did not change much in the last years because it is adapted to the form of documents and folders, which are still rectangular. Also a hard shell that is often covered with fine leather protects the sometimes valuable content against bumps or water. That shows that a leather attache case is as elegant as practical. This classic variety is very typical for attache cases by The Bridge, Giudi or Chiarugi. Especially Giudi attache Cases are famous for combining a fine shape with a neat antic-finish. But also modern attache Cases with a mat surface emphasize your professional look at work. Traditionally an attache case is used by man, because the shape and the hart material are perceived as very masculine. Anyway attache cases for women who love that design as well are suitable as well. Usually an attache case belongs to the dress code Business Formal – suit and tie or business costume. In offices with a relaxed dress code or in start-up businesses an attache case appears overdressed.

      Elegant and modern leather attache cases at

      Laptop attache cases show the future of this traditional accessory but they provide enough room for documents as well. This way, you have safely stored everything in your mobile office on business trips, customer visits or on the daily way to work. Some attache cases can be expanded flexibly, e.g., for large files. The attache cases being a classic among the business bags is timeless in design and becomes more and more sophisticated in terms of the interior. With a perfect organizer system, attache cases provide the ideal place for all of your accessories such as calendar, wallet, iPad, laptop, pens, mobile phone, etc. Because of the wide opening of the entire case lid everything is easily accessible. All in all the black attache case is the perfect stylistic choice for official business occasions. For daily work or in unofficial meetings a briefcase could be an alternative for you too.

      Variety of style: Attache cases in modern or retro design

      Normally the document case made of leather is still a symbol of high Management level but the designs start to vary. Attache cases made of shining leather charm with their retro touch. Everyone who likes this in particular you should choose a doctor’s bag as attache case. That special kind of business bag reminds in a physician’s instrument bag even though it contains a modern interior. The doctor’s bag is made of solid leather too but the rounded edges give it the look of a women’s attache case. Another exception is an aluminum attache case. Particularly trendy and well known from many action movies they are also available in different colours. Their futuristic design also fits to offices without a special dress code and they are especially light and extremely robust. For example the light Zero Halliburton attache cases combine a trendy look with different departments for technical equipment.