Amsterdam Cowboys

Amsterdam Cowboys

After the great success of Cowboysbag the dutch label starts a new era with Amsterdam Cowboys. Additional to their Vintage Look the bags, purses and briefcases by Amsterdam Cowboys provide features for environmental conscious people. Natural tanning and controlled sustainable production processes are a reliable sign for true quality – just like the careful handling of leather. [more]

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Amsterdam Cowboys

Bags by Amsterdam Cowboys: traditional craftsmanship for modern explorers

Bags by Cowboysbag: living traditional craftsmanship

Cowboysbelt, a label from Amsterdam, started with belts and Cowboysbag extended the assortment with exclusive bags. The credo of the Cowboysbag makers is to create trendy and fashionable bags and accessories that exude personality and individuality. And because no one should leave the house without a belt, Cowboysbag also designed belts that are suitable to their bags with rivets or braiding pattern. Cowboysbag handbags and briefcases stand for a casual vintage look and modern understatement - of course not just for lonely cowboys! The rustic charm of Cowboysbag bags for men and women is especially evident in their straightforward design that is sometimes mixed up with feather pendants, and a product quality that would probably survive even a ride through the prairie. The high quality leather appears comfortably natural like the bag came just from wild west. The grain of Cowboysbag bags, suitcases and toiletry bags is caused by the natural skin structure. The models showing reptile patterns are not made of snake skin of course, the pattern is embossed into the leather. Most of the bags and purses by Cowboysbag are coloured, but the label prefers natural, mute tones. Special collections are finished with aniline, a colourless substance that makes the natural structure of the leather visible and gives it a deep look. No matter if it is matt, rough or shiny you can rely on the leather of Cowboysbag bags, backpacks, diaper bags and accessories because they are so solid and well done that you might be able to keep your bag for your entire life. All it-bags of the Dutch company are made of washed leather and are handmade. The idea behind Cowboysbag is simple and obvious: In a world that is increasingly automated and where machines take over almost all the work, you want to remember traditions: it is not easy to replace the solid craftsmanship.

Cowboysbag becomes Amsterdam Cowboys – but the great Vintage Look bags remain!

The label Cowboysbag was founded 1980 in an old warehouse in Amsterdam. Cowboysbelt, later Cowboysbag, has developed a remarkable range in the last 30 years. The design is more traditional, but besides their handbags in a distinctive vintage look, there are also fine and elegant models that can be combined perfectly with a business outfit. Crushed leather, covered with braiding patterns or subtly decorated, Cowboysbag handbags and shoulder bags look feminine without losing their recognition value. Therefore, Cowboysbag bags and accessories already have cult status. Available as a tote or a spacious weekend bags with spacious pockets inside and out as well as the very special leather smell, Cowboysbag desire for adventures. And regardless of where the trip does you take, you will not find a better companion than Cowboysbag. From 2016 on Cowboysbag becomes Amsterdam Cowboys. The redesigned brand takes the typical characteristics of cowboysbag and puts a stronger focus on leather quality and sustainability. Cowboysbag briefcases, handbags or travel bags are already dyed with vegetable-based colors. The natural Cowboysbag bags win beauty and character over time similar to Campomaggi bags.