Swiss Military Hanowa

Swiss Military Hanowa

Anyone who wants to wear elegant watches or a robust watch for an adventurous lifestyle, should have a Swiss Military Hanowa watch. Inspired by the Swiss army, every Swiss Military Hanowa watch offers reliability, robustness and a sporty design. [più]

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      Swiss Military Hanowa

      The Swiss army as a role model for a true watch philosophy

      The Hanowa company was founded in 1963 in Switzerland by Hans Noll and his wife. It was him who gave this brand its name with the initial letters of Hans Noll Watches. In 1990 they founded the Swiss Military Hanowa, a sport and lifestyle watch brand. The brand quickly became a strong and internationally renowned label, which has established itself worldwide. Characterized by the centuries of watchmaking tradition, combined with the influences of the Swiss army, a unique watch design was created.

      Swiss Military Hanowa watches are always ready for adventures

      The watches of Swiss Military Hanowa have the ability to survive even under extreme conditions. Their ladie’s and men's watches are functional and resistant. At the same time they have a classical and elegant appearance. The Swiss Cross in the logo testifies the high quality standards of the Swiss Military Hanowa brand. It is represented in a triangle at twelve o'clock. The bottom of the triangle symbolizes the stability and reliability of the Swiss watch brand. The top of the logo represents the technology and the pursuit of perfection. The bracelet is also made exclusively from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, titanium or quality leather. In addition, the Swiss Military Hanowa watch brand introduces an innovative coating technology, the ion plating process, so that the precious metal layer of your watch remains undamaged. Furthermore is almost every watch model of Swiss Military Hanowa made with a sapphire glass which is one of the hardest materials (9 Mohs) in the world. Only diamonds (10 Mohs) are harder. With a Swiss Military Hanowa, you are prepared for any use, even dives that go down to 200 meters are no problem at all, because each of the watches has a water resistance from 3 ATM up to 10 ATM. Another standard feature is the patented superluminova coating on the pointers, which illuminate the time even in the dark. Besides all these fantastic facts the overall package also offers a variety of different colors and shapes, which contribute to the individual design of the watches. Whether traditional, modern or extreme the watch brand Swiss Military Hanowa provides perfection in every situation.

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