Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari

Do you smell the rubber? Do you feel the speed? Become part of Scuderia Ferrari's Italian success story and bring the feeling of the racetrack to your arm. Each watch conveys the passion of the legendary sport, which will quickly become a portable highlight also for non-fans. [più]

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Scuderia Ferrari

From the car to the watch - a lifestyle becomes wearable

Do you smell the rubber? Do you feel the speed? With a Scuderia Ferrari watch, you will be part of the Italian success story and wear the feeling on the arm. Whether in detail and discreet or large and conspicuous, the design of the racing cars is recognizable on every Ferrari watch. Almost inconspicuous is the Italian flag colour picked up. The typical Ferrari red, which is sometimes used for the whole watch, the band or only the dial, is more dominant. It conveys dynamism and the sporty image of the brand, but can also be a noble touch worn with a business outfit. The gold-colored models look particularly elegant and luxurious. Here, you can choose between an almost entirely golden model or parts like the bezel. The high-quality look goes back to the gold-colored car rim of Ferrari racing cars. The Silicone Bracelets from Ferrari, which can look like car tires, but are still comfortable to wear, give us even more car flair. If silicone does not appeal to you, choose a model with leather strap, durable resin or stainless steel. The stainless steel bands contain very little nickel, are corrosion-resistant, hypoallergenic and very durable.

Ferrari’s bracelets are divers and also the dial shows its versatility. On the dial of the high-quality watches are , for example, honeycomb structures, the Ferrari coat of arms, carbon and OP plating are shown. OP-plating is a procedure which is used for a permanent chromium plating and makes black especially a highlight.Furthermore, mineral glass is used in the watches, which is three times harder than glass and thus very unbreakable and resistant.

A battery with a lifetime of two to three years is used as a drive for the quartz watches. With the automatic watches, an additional energy source can be dispensed. As a great eyecatcher they give you a clear view of the fascinating clockwork. The sporting friend will have similar joy here, as on the racetrack, if the view in the pit stop is granted. The subject of speed at Ferrari is always up-to-date as with hardly any other company and is a part of Ferrari watches. On the LCD screen, all important messages are displayed, and the carrier is always up to date, even in the meeting, when the mobile is not accessible.

But it does not have to be a smart watch, if the watch fan wants more technology, there are also other Ferrari models. The chronographs connect the stopwatch with a display on the dial. And the multifunctional clocks display the day and date in addition to the second, minute and hour.

Every Ferrari enthusiast will soon realize that there is not only Formula One, but also a wide selection of riders and teams to choose from. Which model will be yours and is going to accompany you to sport, business and leisure time?

A fast success story: Ferrari

The sports car manufacturer Ferrari was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929 and has been producing its own racing cars since 1940. In 1948, the team took part in the Grand Prix race, which since 2015 consists of the German drivers Sebastian Vettel and the Finn Kimi Raikkonen. Also Michael Schumacher and Niki Lauda drove for Ferrari. Good to know: The company title is actually "Scuderia Ferrari" and is derived from the Italian. It is translated as " riding stables Ferrari".

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