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Caviar would never been served on a piece of cardboard and jewels belong into a jewellery case, not into a drawer. A jewellery case or watch case is made for protecting rings, earrings, necklaces or watches from dust and harm. Jewellery cases are smaller than jewelry boxes but both variations provide many compartments and a fleece lining that protects your treasures from erosion. Thanks to the noble leather cover and further decoration a jewellery- or watch box looks pretty fine on your dressing table. [più]

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      Jewelry & Watch Boxes

      Jewelry boxes, jewelry cases and watch boxes are real treasures for your valuables

      Over the years, everyone collects more and more jewelry such as rings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets or watches. For storage and presentation of personal valuables special jewelry and watch boxes are ideal. They offer protection from dust and moisture as well as plenty of practical storage options and compartments. If you store gold or silver in a jewelry case it will keep your rings or bracelets from tarnishing because they are safe from air and humidity. Of course jewelry cases are not hermetically closed but the process is definitely slowed down. Further, jewelry boxes and watch boxes help you to find the perfect accessory for your styling quickly. Jewelry Cases are the largest kind of box and they offer numerous space-saving and well thought-out solutions for the storage of jewelry. You can pin the slim part of a ring into a ring holder to keep them from disorder. There are long compartments for necklaces in a jewelry case where you can place them outstretched and you can pin your studs into earring loops. Some jewelry boxes have an additional compartment for colliers. You will recognize this compartment by the budded bulge where the collier can be placed on. Some pieces of jewelry do not have a compartment that is specially constructed for them. For that jewelry cases and boxes provide numerous drawers with little subdivisions where you can arrange your belongings individually. Many jewelry boxes have several floors to provide enough space to keep each piece in its proper place. Small jewelry boxes or jewelry bags will fit on a small table as well but you will be surprised how much space they offer. For watch lovers on the other hand there are special, decorative boxes for the safe storage and presentation of watches. Some watch boxes offer a window display and enough room for up to 8 or 10 watches. Usually jewelry cases or boxes are too large to take them with you everywhere but practical handles make a transport on vacation much easier. Further most of the jewelry cases and boxes have a lock that provides some protection for your treasures.

      wardow.com offers elegant jewellery boxes or jewellery bags for women and watch boxes for men

      Jewellery boxes and watch boxes are a compelling companion for traveling and a true treasure at home. Something for every taste: Jewellery boxes and watch boxes come in many variations - to match every taste and any home decor. Very often jewellery boxes are decorated with floral patterns or rhinestones. Other jewellery cases have a round shape. Usually big boxes for jewellery are covered with leather or artificial leather and equipped with a handle; the velvet like fleece inside has a different colour to underline the elegant look. Especially a big jewellery box has to look nice because you do not have to hide in you locker than. The Credo to combine something beautiful with a practical issue is very important for Windrose jewelry boxes. If you need something small and practical instead a jewelry bag might come handy. This is a real alternative to a jewelry case or jewelry box and you can take it with you when you are travelling. If you own just a view pieces of jewelry a little bag is enough to keep them protected and safe. Whether as a leather box with velvet or fleece linings, whether covered from the outside with fabric and imaginative prints or in the traditional box shape – at wardow.com you find stylish jewelry boxes and watch boxes that will make a great gift for Christmas or Birthdays for your beloved ones.

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