Personalities with style and intelligent features: the British label Knomo leads the way for other brands. The hip label Knomo puts high demands on its bags: For their reliability at the office and everyday life they select high-quality materials that are durable and flexible. Also in the design of briefcases, laptop bags and messenger bags Knomo leaves nothing to be desired: no style, no Knomo. [più]

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      Stylish and functional bags and laptop bags by Knomo are all-rounders for every day

      Thanks to their stylish design Knomo bags are a popular accessory. Especially working women will like the Knomo bags because they are a much more fashionable alternative to massive attache cases. The sporty-elegant Knomo Briefcases, laptop backpacks and laptop bags are suitable for all business occasions. Because of the careful craftsmanship, the reliable quality and their clever and practical interior Knomo bags will satisfy even very demanding costumers. Being one of the few manufacturers for women’s briefcases Knomo provides products of great functionality with a feminine style that does not undermine your professionalism. Behind fine saffiano, precise stitches and soft quilted patterns you will find numerous compartments for files, laptops and co. But the label does not focus on women only! Knomo briefcases or laptop backpacks for men are part of the assortment as well. The masculine or unisex designs offer much room for days in the office. Among the travelling bags you will find Knomo weekenders and practical Mobil Offices that are created for comfortable business trips. A team of international designers in the company from London takes care for the easy connection of technical know-how and the changing trends in a lively metropolis. Knomo messengers and briefcases show their own personality, absolute mobility and a self-confident independence – just like their owners.

      London is calling: Knomo bags for business, everyday and special events touch a nerve!

      Howard Harrison – one of Knomo’s founders- worked for a company that produced toilet paper before. Despite this was definitely a very important product Harrison was looking for a job in a more creative business and together with a friend he founded the label Knomo in London. Their goal: creating bags with a functionality that can free their owners from their working desks. Knomo briefcases and laptop bags provide a stylish surrounding for any mobile communication gadget that match the demands of a mobile business life. Thanks to the robust materials Knomo bags can deal with heavy load as well and they adapt the demands of business that can be stressful sometimes. Knomo bags made of leather are especially noble: the material features a glossy polished surface or the exciting structure of saffiano. The briefcases and laptop backpacks made of tear-proofed and low-weighted nylon are an interesting alternative, just like the knomo canvas bags with solid leather handles.

      Knomo - community darling and luxury brand

      The brand name Knomo is a combination of 'kno' from ' knowledge' and' mo' from ' mobility'. The passion of the brand is to create stylish and functional companions for the mobile everyday working life - and with great success.

      With the kick-start project #LiveFree Backpack, the popular label convinced the enthusiastic fans and designed a revolutionary 24/7 backpack with numerous features. But Knomo is not only in demand among the growing fan community. The trendy brand with the silent "k" in its name was officially named one of the most exclusive brands in Great Britain in 2018. Great British Brands, the bible of the British luxury industry, is a unique collection of the 150 largest luxury brands from beauty, fashion, accessories, watches and jewelry, design and technology to art and culture. Great British Brands is published by Julia Carrick and Lucia van der Post, two of the most famous names in the luxury sector, as well as numerous other well-known authors of the scene.

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