Caterina Lucchi

Caterina Lucchi

With innovative and experimental women handbags the Italian designer Caterina Lucchi has quickly built up a large group of followers. For Catharina Lucchi’s handbags only the finest nappa leather is used which is processed by all the rules of traditional craftsmanship. Caterina Lucchi bags are very original. They bring joy and each bag is actually unique. [più]

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Caterina Lucchi

Daring, but awesome: Caterina Lucchi bags offer extravagance connected with traditional italian craftsmanship.

Who wants to go with the flow? If you decide for a Caterina Lucchi you will become an avant-gardist of bag fashion! The Italian designer Caterina Lucchi is known for her love for details visible in every trendy piece of Used- and Crash Look bags, totes or clutches. Everyone is unique and despite their shapes being classic the refined details give each bag its own personality. From soft leather with weaved patterns up to shiny sequins or romantic flower designs – there are always new styles to discover! Even refined mixtures of styles like the combination of rustic animal print and playful glitter are very common for Caterina Lucchi. Being an innovative fashion maker Caterina Lucchi creates unique designs for women who consciously decide to leave the usual fashion canon. They show their own style in a very self-confident way. Caterina Lucchi offers bags for different occasions: from classic to daring and loud. Despite of their extravagant appearance handbags by Caterina Lucchi are a product of real, high quality handwork: Known working methods like embossing, perforation, cutting or spraying are used frequently. As a new technic wood block printing is used and creates artistical and fine prints on wonderful leather.

Designer handbags you will never forget: Caterina Lucchi bags made of genuine leather

The Italian fashion designer Caterina Lucchi founded her own label in 1986 in Cesena. Together with Gabs, Campomaggi and two other labels Caterina Lucchi belongs to a cooperation of Italian designers called Gruppo Emergenti Italiani. All of those labels produce in Italy and they stand for an individual, innovative and highly unconventional design. The trademark of Caterina Lucchi bags and accessories is their original and even revolutionary style. Every product is unique because of the way it is created: the bags are completely manufactured before they go through a process of washing and colouring. Thanks to this technique all bags by Caterina Lucchi get a distinctive, natural look and the process of manufacturing generates a unique patina on every bag. Standing for a high level of quality Caterina Lucchi bags are made of nothing else but fine nappa leather featuring a wonderfully soft touch.

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