Do you know who invented the sports watch? The Swiss watch brand Alpina, which paved the way for innovative and high-quality watches worldwide, is regarded as the inventor of this watch type. In addition to the sporty Alpina watches, luxurious and high-quality watches are part of the comprehensive range, which will also inspire with reliability and precision.


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      Alpina - The invention of the sports watch

      Nowadays the Swiss watch brand Alpina is particularly associated with two products: the high-quality and innovative calibers as well as the Alpina 4. The term "caliber" defines both clockwork diameter and movement. The Alpina clockworks are still known today for outstanding accuracy and defy extreme heights and weather. They are the ideal watches for extreme sportsmen. In addition to the clockwork, this is also due to the robust and high-quality materials. As a watch lover, you can choose between leather, fabric and stainless steel watch straps, which are refined with sapphire glass. For women, Alpina also offers models with diamonds that give women's watches a special glow. Many of the automatic watches from Alpina also have numerous additional functions, which are arranged on a large dial and enable an optimal reading. In particular, this can be derived from the pilot clocks, which were especially designed for the pilots and had large dials. One of the best-known models of Alpina is the Alpina 4. It is the first sport watch and was developed in 1983. With the watch, Alpina defined the four important principles of any sports watch - waterproof, antimagnetic, shock-resistant and stainless steel. The number 4 is derived from these properties. In addition to the features, the company was characterized by a clear design, reliability and durability that should inspire athletes, technicians and adventurers alike. Even today Alpina 4 is a real statics symbol for many sportsmen and sets standards for numerous watch brands.

      Over 130 years of alpine history

      The watch brand was founded by Gottlieb Hauser in 1883 as Alpina Union Horlogère S.A. - Swiss watchmaking company. As a cooperative, several small companies and suppliers were offered to each other, offering high-quality products, striving for innovations and optimizing the distribution of their products. The members of the cooperative became known as "Alpinisten". It was not until 1901 that Alpina emerged as a brand. With over 2,000 sales outlets in the 1920s, the company was regarded as the most successful Swiss watch brand. The name Dugena is also closely related to Alpina. Under the name of the German Watchmaking Association Alpina - DUGENA, Alpina marketed its watches during the Second World War, although the name had already appeared before. To this day, both companies have a common triangle symbol.

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