Environment activists and freedom lover will have a lot of fun with backpacks and bags from Patagonia. Patagonia is characterized by a sporty and urban style, which is also environmentally friendly. This outdoor brand proves that functionality, environmental awareness and style fit together! [enemmän]



      Patagonia for big city jungle and beautiful nature

      Products of Patagonia are daily accessories for urban tourists, professionals and hiking adventures. Patagonais provides their wide target group with bags, Messenger, Duffel Bags and backpacks. The company philosophy behind the brand is to create a quality and functional product, which also makes it environmentally friendly. This is why all applications on the Patagonia bags look not only smart, but also have their own right to exist, since the functionality is here in the foreground. In addition to their distinctive style, the outdoor saddlebags are equally practical and offer space for all the important utensils of everyday life. Padded interior compartments allow the safe transport of notebooks, smartphones, sunglasses and CO. The airflow mesh on the shoulder straps ensures the air circulation and the comfort of wear on summer days. The nylon surfaces of the bags also promise a long life and longer fun with the Patagonia product. The processed fabrics include recycled fibers like nylon, polyester, recycled cotton, wool and down. And the bags and backpacks are also very light.

      From climbing hook to the Patagonia backpack

      The love for detail and functionality in the Patagonia products comes from a love of climbing by the founder Yvon Chouinard. It all began in the 1960s. At that time the 14-year-old Yvon grew up in the USA and loved climbing, next to surfing. At that time there were only climbing hooks of iron, which could only be used once, as they were stuck in the rock. Therefore Yvon produced his own climbing hooks, which made of chrome molybdenum steel. He built a small studio in his parents' home. The self-interest became a business. He worked together with Tom Frost, an aviation engineer and climber. Because their self-made hooks broke the rock, the product was not very environmentally friendly. This is how the two businessmen turned. The hooks were replaced by clothes, backpacks and pockets. The two developed their ideas directly on extensive mountain tours. They had constant ideas of improvement, which were directly implemented in their products. The company's range now includes not only climbing hooks and backpacks, but also equipment for surfing, skiing and snowbarding, as well as yoga and running. Over time, each part became more resilient, more functional, lighter - Patagonia!

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