A belt does not only lock a slippy pair of trousers in place – is part of the perfectly planned outfit as well! An elegant genuine leather belt by BOSS with a pretty buckle adds a fine detail to your business suit whereas a casual Vintage belt by Liebeskind sparkles with rivets. You see belts for men and women match various styles: Generally, belts for formal suits or costumes are quite slim because they should not cause too much attention. For casual occasions ladies’ belts can be a bit broader and flashy. Men’s belts are usually slim but the buckle serves as an eye-catcher. Looking at the large choice of styles and sizes there is no need to tighten your belt any more! [enemmän]

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      Fashionable belts for every occasion

      Belts were originally created out of necessity, as a large part of the population could not afford tailored or new trousers that fully fit. Out of necessity a simple cord or fabric strap made the belt developed to a versatile fashion accessory, mostly made of genuine leather. Craftsmen use belts to keep their tools, in judo a belt shows your rank and especially in fashion a belt is a reliable companion and a variable accessory. The choice of the right belt depends on the occasion, the outfit your personal preferences of course. Many labels offer long belts because belts in large sizes are very rare in normal shops. A belt that lasts long is usually made of genuine leather and is created with high precision. Elegant belts are usually glued to avoid seams but if a high quality glue is used they will last without stitches as well. Belts with visible seams are typical for Campomaggi but this models look more rustic. The rivet decoration of cowboysbelt belts stabilizes the leather.

      Great selection of leather belts for men and women at wardow.com

      For women belts are true multi-talents. Women’s belts offer more possibilities concerning colours than men’s belts do. Further they can be thin or broad depending on their purpose. Broad belts for women can be put around the waist as an accessory for dresses or longshirts while thin belts for women keep business trousers or skirts in place. Sometimes a belt with rivets is very stylish or a simple leather design works very well with a casual outfit and jeans. For men's belts stylish ornaments on the leather strap are much less important, because here the buckle is the part drawing most of the attention. Whether black or brown, wide or narrow, with nodes, buckle or hook clasp, whether as a trousers holder or as an accessory, belts are a fashion must-have for many occasions. In our online shop you will find a large selection of leather belts for men and women by labels such as Liebeskind Berlin, Hugo Boss, Campomaggi and The Bridge.

      Belts for Women and men made of different kinds of leather

      If you look for an individual look of your bags, belts and accessories much relies on the leather. The most common version is a belt made of cow hide because it is very robust. Another reason why cow hide belts are so widespread is the size of a cow. Even very long belts do not have to be made of multiple pieces. If a belt shall be elegant fine calfskin is used. The decent grain makes the belt seem smooth and gives it some gloss. Campomaggi offers very exclusive crocodile leather belts with a unique texture that is a real eye-catcher. Attention: not every belt with animal texture is made of this reptile. Patterns like this can be created with cow skin as well. Belts made of goat- or buffalo leather are a bit rarer. A diversity like this makes a choice very hard but after all you have to decide for the belt that’s style you like most and that fits to the occasion.

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