Old school mechanics meet modern design: Automatic watches for women and men are available in a variety of materials and styles. The clou is the complete independence from batteries because the automatic watch is a mechanic watch and is run by the move of your wrist. The fine gear behind the automatic watch still has its fans and attracts with its watch-maker precision. Find out more about automatic watches and find authentic craftsmanship. [enemmän]


      Automatic Watches

      Real craftsmanship: automatic watches for men and women

      The automatic watch is a real masterpiece among time measuring gadgets because it is a portable, mechanic watch. That means that your automatic watch can do completely without additional energy of batteries or sunlight. The inventor of the automatic watch is Abraham-Louis Perrelets who created a basic automatic clock in 1770. For that the mechanic behind automatic watches remind in older watch models that are either run by a weight, kept moving by a pendulum or winded up by hand. The mechanism is the same but an automatic watch winds up itself while you wear it. Just by moving the wrist an automatic watch does not stop, but you can support it by winding up per hand.

      How does an automatic watch work?

      Many automatic watches have a transparent back side to give you the chance to see the mechanic clockwork inside. This fine fully automatic precision that needs no energy is the reason why automatic watches are so fantastic: By wearing the watch the so called rotor keeps moving. The rotor works like a pendulum and looks like a weight in a crescent shape. You can see it if your watch has a back window. By moving the winding up mechanism is constantly in motion. The feather inside is always taut and keeps the clock. To keep your automatic watch from stopping over night there is a power reserve included, it keeps the energy that runs the watch when it is not moving for approximately 12 hours. Some models can stand 36 hours and automatic watches of really high quality can do up to 80 hours. If you do not wear the watch for a longer time it will stand still.

      Things to keep in mind when you buy an automatic watch

      Mechanic watches for women and men are absolutely favourite pieces and people like them because of their fine mechanic even more. They are an environmental friendly alternative to a quartz watch that is run by a battery and they are really impressive. A mechanic gear is susceptible to other factors than an electronic clock of course. Wet and dust are no problem for an instance but you should keep your automatic watch from direct contact to costume jewellery, mobile phones or fitness bracelets. All these things can cause magnetism in an automatic watch. In that case the metal elements inside stick to each other and the watch does not work anymore. In that case the watch has to be demagnetized professionally. Automatic watches do not have to be winded up per hand. But you have to readjust it from time to time because it is not as accurate as a quartz watch. You have to treat a mechanic clockwork carefully: for example, you cannot change the calendar between 22 pm and 4 am because at that moment the gear is in a position where it can get harmed. If you have an automatic chronograph you can stop the time but never use the stop function if the clockwork is standing. If you follow this instruction you can use your automatic watch for a lifetime.

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