It’s – Citizen - time! As the world's largest watchmaker, Citizen enriches us with classic radio watches, modern flight and diving watches as well as the eco-drive technology. The combination of technology and style makes these watches unique, whether you prefer technical refinements or timeless beauty. [plus]

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      Citizen watches for land, sky and sea

      The watch brand Citizen is well-known, because they are the world's largest watch manufacturer. Almost every second, a Citizen watch is made. A tremendous amount, with every watch and every item undergoing constant research to improve function and design. In addition to classic radio and automatic watches, aviator and diving watches as well as solar watches are part of the range. The watch models are divided into five collections - Basic, elegant, sports, super titanium and Promaster. While the classic watch lovers finds the right accessory for their outfits in the Citizen collection Basic or Elegant, younger fans of the brand and sportsmen are relying on the sports collection. The Super Titanium collection appeals to people who wear their watches even under extreme conditions. Thanks to the special titanium, the Citizen chronographs are very light but still resistant against scratches and pressure. Together with the built-in sapphire crystal, the watches of this collection are particularly robust and durable. The fifth collection, Promaster, offers watches with special functions and is divided into land, sky and sea. The watches bring along additional time zone displays, timers, dial illumination and a stopwatch. Which collection will be yours? Look around and find your Citizen watch.

      In the beginning was research - the history of Citizen

      In 1918 the Shokosha watch research institute from Japan was founded. The strive for improvement and new technologies is today still evident in the products. It is not surprising that Citizen as a true watchmaker is able to take all steps in their own companies. From the sketch of the individual watch components to the finished assembly everything remains with Citizen. New technologies are continually developed and integrated into the watches, but also their own research is conducted. The first automatic watches were produced in 1965, followed by the first quartz watch in 1966 and the diving watch in 1985. Other important milestones were the radio- and satellite-synchronized time measurement as well as the Eco-Drive. The progress is not a coincidence. Citizens motto "Better starts now" is based on an effort to actively shape the future through new technologies and improvements.

      Light is significant - the Eco Drive technology from Citizen

      For Citizen it is not only relevant to manufacture watches, which are technically up-to-date and have a fantastic design, but also that as many people as possible can wear a watch. This presupposes, some conditions, such as longevity, robustness and low cost. With the Eco-Drive technology, Citizen meets these conditions. With the world's first light-driven analogue quartz watch, Citizen made history. The clock can be worn at any light source, even weak light. It is not necessary to change the battery. If there is no light source for a longer period of time, the darkness reserve stores the energy and the clock remains functional. Only one minute of light is enough to activate the Eco Drive.

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