Scarves & Shawls

No matter if it is summer or winter a scarf is always a proper accessory. Closely ripped around your neck or flying in the wind – there are many possibilities to use a scarf as an eye catching highlight. The materials used are usually fine cotton or low weighted viscose because these fabrics can be covered with prints easily. Bright colours and fantastic patterns are the specialty of George, Gina & Lucy scarfs whereas Aigner shawls provide an elegant logo print. [more]

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Scarves & Shawls

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Scarves and shawls are one of the most important accessories in everyday life. Perfectly suited to your type, they will add that certain something to your business and gala outfit or your casual look. Thereby, scarves and shawls can be worn around the neck, the shoulder or on the head - or you casually wrap the scarf around the hips. In addition, scarves and shawls are also very useful and, therefore, can be found in every handbag: this way scarves and shawls, protect from cold and humidity but from the sun's heat as well. Many scarves and shawls are now made ​​of functional materials in order to equally protect against cold and heat.

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Depending on your taste and occasion, the choice of materials for scarves & shawls plays an important role. Preferring to wear heavy scarves in wool or rather pleasant light scarves made of thin cotton, linen or silk? If the choice of material is fallen, it goes on with the choice of shape. Here manufacturers such as Liebeskind Berlin offer for example hip large square scarves or shawls in a XXL rectangular shape. Finally, there is the most difficult question of all: the design. Should it be a scarf with patterns or plain, a reversible scarf or a scarf with fringe?