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Welcome to our bonus point program!

Bonus points are our way to thank you for your loyalty and trust in us. For every Euro spend, you receive bonus points which you can cash in for future purchases. You can check your current bonus point status in your user account at any time.

And this is how it works:

1. Purchases

For every purchase you receive bonus points credited to your user account. Every spent Euro is rewarded with two bonus points. 100 collected bonus points can be cashed in together as a 2,50 € shop credit, whereby the minimum cashable credit is 5 € (equals 200 bonus points) and must be achieved. Your account is limited to 5000 bonus points. The information of how many bonus points can be collected for a certain article, you can see in the quick- and detailed description of any article.

2.Recommend a friend

For us, there is no greater praise than your recommendation! And because your recommendations are so important to us, we reward you and every friend or contact, you recommend wardow to with 400 extra bonus points! For his first-time order your friend receives a 10 € shopping voucher. After the first-time order of your friend, you also get bonus points worth 10 € credited to your account. For further information look at ‘invite a friend’. .

3. Write a product evaluation for your purchased products

You can evaluate purchased products directly in your user account. Please write your product evaluation as honest and as detailed as possible. The more informative your evaluations are, the more helpful they will be for other customers. As a little reward we will credit you 200 bonus points for each product evaluation to your user account (max. 5 product evaluations). For further details look at ‘product evaluations’. .

Redemption of bonus points

Collected bonus points are credited to your account three weeks after your order and can be redeemed with the following order. Please sign in before the completion of your order using your e-mail address and code word. Choose ‘pay with bonus points’ under payment method as you check-out. Alongside you can see your current bonus point status and your shopping credit.

Expiry of bonus points

With a change of settings in your user account, you can receive an automated e-mail, before bonus points expire. Bonus points expire automatically after one year or with returns. If you return one or more products from your last order, automatically all collected bonus points lapse. Excluded from this rule are exchanges or complaints.

We hope you enjoy shopping and collecting!